Ducati Monster 796 + 821 Jonich










Special Rear rim option CNC made of aluminium material is 6082.T6

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    M9 24 spokes
    SX special edition CNC rim

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    • Borrani Rims made of aluminum from a solid plate, 100% absolute true running, no welding!
    • Rims with an anodisation finish
    • Wheels with DOT Number
    • Tubless Wheels or Tubetype Wheels
    • Hubs made of aluminum from a solid black, colored by anodisation
    • Spokes INOX 6mm or 9mm Big Spoke
    • No nipples, pure spokewheel with a great clean look!
    • You do not have to do any modifications on your bike! Everything fits fine, Brakes and Sprocket.
    • Fits for: Monster 796 + 821