The origins of everything.
We could assert, without fear of being denied, that in the history of man the wheel is – and will remain – a simple and ingenious revolution. We may also add that the radial wheel has become an icon of the same, which is one of the most admired and appreciated variants. Its classic design, clear and precise geometric lines and its transparency during rotation capture the eye and capture emotions, nowadays. Not to forget its performance characteristics, a priority requirement especially in the sports field, where the blend of tenacity and lightness that it represents leads to relying exclusively and exclusively on it.
A complex challenge

It is correct to remember, however, that the wheels radiated are certainly not the most economical. By constitution, they are the set of many details built according to different industrial processes, not to mention that there is some difficulty in designing, designing and assembling a good radial wheel. We like to think, though, that this does not make the mission impossible, simply embellish it.



JoNich Wheels well knows these factors and makes these hardships its strength. Each wheel that we produce represents only the tip of the iceberg, the finalization of a deeply hidden study, and a complex process in which no detail is irrelevant. The JoNich Wheels staff is made up of specialists who can take advantage of the best available resources to make a wheel a good wheel. To achieve this goal we employ selected suppliers, often world leaders in their business. But let’s do more: our products are based on CAD 3D, but they have well planted roots in the world of mechanics. We love listening to the voices and the necessities of the fitters, who have so many bikes embellished and embellished with their work. We do not think about the parts, in fact, we dirty our hands with them to put on wheels wheels that are then easy to assemble, we enrich them with kits for a wider and easier diversification, we issue documentation that accompanies basic instructions or warnings for those who want to push for extreme personalizations. We are convinced that this way of working will bring luster to the product and customer satisfaction.